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      Ultraviolet photocatalyst equipment usually needs to be installed in a well ventilated place and used under the condition of natural light source. In this way, the catalyst inside the equipment can contact with ultraviolet light in the natural light source to produce ozone substance with oxidation effect, so that the ideal oxidation treatment effect can be achieved for organic waste gas. The main application technology of photocatalysis equipment is the photocatalyst technology we often talk about. This technology requires the installation and design of special band ultraviolet lamp tubes. Workshops with different air volume have important influence on the number and arrangement of ultraviolet lamp tubes.


      In general, the pressure of the fan can collect the organic waste gas into the inner of the photocatalytic device, so that the relatively high concentration of the waste gas will start to split and purify under the influence of intense ultraviolet light beam. The advantage of this kind of equipment is that it can be installed and used in the environment of low concentration and high air volume, and it can get ideal treatment effect. There is no need for special maintenance and management in daily use. Regular inspection can be done to check the specific situation of the lamp tube and the use of catalyst.http://www.firstlady-skandal.com

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